Friend or Foebia

It's a lot worse than you think.

Hello, I guess

Oh, the first post. So blank, so cold, so intimidating, like Oprah staring down a plate of defenseless fudge. Poor fudge. Never really had a fighting chance did you? And now with her newly discovered sister, oy, who knows what type of wonder-twin-powered pseudo self-empowerment/consumerist message they will unleash on the public, all while gorging themselves on fistfuls of sugary lard.

Anyway, what should the first post be? An introduction? An apology? A Unabomber-style manifesto outlining the impending doom of brown-shirted Justin Bieber armies with sight obscuring bangs accidentally demolishing the pillars of our society, both physical and idealistic?

Maybe I should outline the topics I will likely post about/ridicule on this site: politicians, celebrities, non-golden-voiced homeless men, golden-voiced men with homes, marginally interesting historical figures, Euro-trash dance trends, religious zealots, Ke$ha, numerologists, and the cast of “Glee”.

Why? I don’t know. Call it sitting back and fiddling as Rome burns because, no matter what you may fool yourself into believing, things are a lot worse than you think…


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